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Data privacy 

Unless restricted by applicable laws, you agree that any and all personal information/data relating to you collected by Handy-Jacks from this Web Portal may from time to time be used and disclosed for such purposes and to such persons as may be in accordance with Handy-Jacks' prevailing data protection and privacy policy as amended from time to time.

Privacy Statement

Your Personal Information

This privacy statement relates solely to information supplied by you on this web portal. Handy-Jacks, the data controller ("Handy-Jacks") respects the privacy of your personal information and will treat it confidentially and securely.

Any personal information provided by you to Handy-Jacks through this Web Portal will be used for the purpose of providing and operating the services you have requested at this Web Portal and for other related purposes which may include updating and enhancing Handy-Jacks' records, understanding your needs, conducting checks, reviewing skills and assisting other institutions to conduct checks, advising you of other products and services which may be of interest to you, for crime/fraud prevention and debt collection purposes, for purposes required by law or regulation, and to plan, conduct and monitor Handy-Jacks' business. The information collected from you by Handy-Jacks will be valuable in improving the design and marketing of our range of services and related products for customer use. This policy will not alter or affect any information otherwise provided by you to Handy-Jacks.

Other than to those individuals and entities listed below your details will not be revealed by Handy-Jacks to any external body, unless Handy-Jacks has your permission, or is under either a legal obligation or any other duty to do so. For the purposes detailed above, your information may be disclosed to:

  • Other companies in the Handy-Jacks and iBez group (i.e., Handy-Jacks, its subsidiaries and affiliates);
  • Any regulatory, supervisory, governmental or quasi-governmental authority with jurisdiction over Handy-Jacks group members;
  • Any agent, contractor or third party service provider, professional adviser or any other person under a duty of confidentiality to the Handy-Jacks group;
  • Back ground checking and security agencies and, in the event of default, debt collection agencies;
  • Any actual or potential participant or sub-participant in, assignee, novatee or transferee of, any of the Handy-Jacks group's rights and/or obligations in relation to you. 

  • The above disclosures may require the transfer of your information to parties located in countries that do not offer the same level of data protection as your home country. However, Handy-Jacks will ensure that parties to whom your details are transferred treatyour information securely and confidentially. Handy-Jacks also pledges its intention fully  to meet any internationally recognised standards of personal data privacy protection and to comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws. We may transfer your information if it is necessary to perform our contract with you and by providing details to Handy-Jacks via this Web Portal you are deemed to consent to any other transfers.

    Information held about you is retained as long as the purpose for which the information was collected continues. The information is then destroyed unless its retention is required to satisfy legal, regulatory or accounting requirements or to protect Handy-Jacks' interests. As a general rule, the maximum retention period is 7 years.

    It is your responsibility to maintain the secrecy of any user id and login password you hold.


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  • Allow us to recognise the pc you are using when you return to our Web Portal so that we can understand your interest in our Web Portal and tailor its content and advertisements to match your interests (this type of cookie may be stored permanently on your pc but does not contain any information that can identify you personally.);
  • Identify you after you have logged in by storing a temporary reference number in the cookie so that our web server can conduct a dialogue with you while simultaneously dealing with other customers. (your browser keeps this type of cookie until you log off or close down your browser when these types of cookie are normally deleted. No other information is stored in this type of cookie.);
  • Allow you to carry information across pages of our site and avoid having to re-enter that information;
  • Allow you access to stored information if you register for any of our on-line services;
  • Enable us to produce statistical information (anonymous) which helps us to improve the structure and content of our Web Portal;
  • Enable us to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising and promotions. Cookies do not enable us to gather personal information about you unless you give the information to our server. Most internet browser software allows the blocking of all cookies or enables you to receive a warning before a cookie is stored. For further information, please refer to your internet browser software instructions or help screen. Alternatively, information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at http://www.allaboutcookies.org
  • Internet communications

    In order to maintain the security of our systems, protect our staff, record transactions, and, in certain circumstances, to prevent and detect crime or unauthorised activities, Handy-Jacks reserves the right to monitor all internet communications including web and email traffic into and out of its domains.

    Your rights and how to contact us

    You may have the right under data protection legislation on payment of a fee to request access to personal information about you held by us and to have it corrected where appropriate. If you have that right and you wish to access, correct or delete any of your personal data held by us, or if you have any questions concerning our data protection and privacy statement please contact the relevant Handy-Jacks data protection representative. You may also have the right to access details held by credit reference agencies and Handy-Jacks will supply details of the relevant agencies upon request.

    Contacting you

    In providing your telephone, facsimile number, postal and e-mail address or similar details, you agree that Handy-Jacks may contact you by these methods to keep you informed about Handy-Jacks products and services or for any other reason. If you prefer not to be kept informed of Handy-Jacks products and services, please contact Handy-Jacks by e-mail.

    Handy-Jacks reserves the right to amend its prevailing data protection and privacy statement at any time and will place any such amendments on this Web Portal. This data protection and privacy statement is not intended to, nor does it, create any contractual rights whatsoever or any other legal rights, nor does it create any obligations on Handy- Jacks in respect of any other party or on behalf of any party.

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