Complaints Procedure

1. The training we provide and vetting we do ensures that the tradespeople and technicians (artisans) found on the Handy Jacks website are of an acceptable standard and can do what they said they can do.

2. You negotiate the labour and parts charge directly with the tradesperson or technician (artisan).

3. Please ensure that tradespeople and technicians (artisans) are not left unsupervised on your property.

4. Please ensure that you inspect the work carried out of an acceptable standard and quality before you pay the tradesperson or technician (artisan).

5. If the work falls short or acceptable quality or standards, ask for it to be re-done.

6. If there are any disputes with the quality or standard of work rendered, please do not pay the artisan but call us immediately to intercede.

7. We will send a replacement tradesperson or technician (artisan) from one of our in-house team to investigate and rectify the work if necesary and then you pay them the amount that was agreed.